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Scrum Master Certified - Individual Cost $950 for the 2 day in class program or $750 for the 1 day Live Virtual program!   Group Rates are a great value starting at $950* per student for events held at your worksite.   *Venue by the group

​Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) professionals are facilitators who ensure that the Scrum Team is provided with an environment conducive to completing the project successfully. The Scrum Master guides, facilitates, and teaches Scrum practices to everyone involved in the project; clears impediments for the team; and, ensure that Scrum processes are being followed.Successful candidates will be awarded the Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) certification by SCRUMstudy after passing the certification exam.

Audience Profile
​This certification is appropriate for anyone who is interested in working as a Scrum Master.

There is no formal prerequisite for this certification. However, it is preferable to complete the Scrum Developer Certified (SDC™) certification before applying for the Scrum Master certification. It is also highly recommended to attend a 2-day SMC™ classroom training provided by QPMAgility, a SCRUMstudy approved Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)Scrum Master Certified (SMC™)

Exam Information

The SMC™ Exam is included with the 2 day instructor led program.

​Exam Format

  1. ​ Multiple Choice100 questions per exam
  2.  One mark awarded for every right answer
  3.  No negative marks for wrong answers
  4.  120 minutes duration
  5.  Proctored online exam.
  6.  Current Pass Rate: 95%

Audience Profile:
This certification is appropriate for anyone who is interested in working 
as a Scrum Master.

What you'll learn in this program:

* Scrum/Agile Overview ​ History and purpose * Benefits of Scrum In class we will go over the many benefits of Scrum/Agile such as: ​1. Project Adaptability 2. Project Transparency 3. Continuous Feedback with minimal documentation 4. Continuous Improvement - Improvement is almost an everyday occurrence. 5. Continuous Delivery of Value - Customer receives a valuable product in weeks! 6. Sustainable Pace - No more regular 60 hour work weeks!
7. Early Delivery of High Value 8. Efficient Development Process 9. Motivation - Every team member shares in the ownership of creating a valuable product! 10. Faster Problem Resolution - Team collaborate continually and throughout the work day. 11. Customer Centric - The team knows exactly what to deliver to the customer 12. High Trust Environment - Team has autonomy to run the project 13. Collective Ownership - One metric...Did the project succeed? 14. High Velocity - Product are completed quicker with every Sprint 15. Innovative Environment  - The method breeds creativity!


* Gain an understanding of the purpose of the Scrum Body of Knowledge™

​* Learn Scrum Principles

  • Empirical Process Control
  • Self-Organization
  • Collaboration
  • Value-Based Prioritization
  • Time-boxing
  • Iterative Development​

​* Scrum Roles

  • ​Core and Non-Core Roles

* Project Elements​

  • ​Empirical Process Control

* Scrum Phases, Processes and Tools

* How To Transition to Scrum

and much more.

Scrum Master and Agile Training