Accelerated Project Management Training

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Q: What do I need for the program?

A: PM Accelerated Learning will send your

class materials to your door.  

Make sure we have your shipping address!  

You will need a computer with internet

access for the classes.  Also a computer

microphone and speakers (a mic/headphone

combination is great) are required so you

can interact with the instructor and other

participants.  If you don't have a 

headset, you're welcome to call in via the phone.  A webcam is not mandatory so go ahead and wear your pajamas to class!  :0)

Q: How do I login to the program?

A: Information on how to log in as well as a link for the program will be sent to the email we have on file for you. The program is via a Webex format so there's nothing to download to your computer.  Be sure to sign on early to the program so we can work out any issues that may occur.  Heck you can even use your smartphone!

Q: Is the program still as engaging as a physical classroom setting?

A: Yes!!! Your instructor, Scott Hamilton, has been teaching the PMP for 5+ years and has taught a multitude of virtual programs.  He is adamant about quality and value, and insists virtual programs deliver the same high value and quality analogous to physically being in class.  Scott's camera will be on him throughout the entire program and he checks in often to make sure everyone is up to speed. Also, your questions are addressed immediately as participants can "raise their hand," chat, and are continually polled orally with engaging questions about materials and concepts.  

Q: How big are the classes?

A: The average number of students for virtual classes is 6. Rarely do participants exceed more than 8.  Scott will have plenty of time to address your questions.

Q: What about after the program?  Is Scott available?

A: Scott is committed to your success and considers himself to be your partner in successfully earning your PMP!  Just contact Scott at to set up an appointment for your questions either before, during or after your program.

Q: Does my workspace for the class have to be super quiet?

A: Minimizing distractions improves the experience so find a room away from the bustle of the house or office.  You can even log in via a smartphone or tablet and attended class from anywhere.

Q: Is the guarantee the same?
A: Yes!

Q:  To retain the information, I need visuals.  Does the virtual program have the same visuals I would see if I attended the program in person?
A: We know visuals are essential to learning.  We have 5 Powerpoint decks with nearly 1000 slides that help convey the information being discussed.

For all your questions, please contact Scott at 916.541.6947. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

PM Accelerated Learning Services' Virtual PMP Exam Prep. Program