Accelerated Project Management Training

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​"You have no idea how invaluable this information is to me.  I am trying to shift my paradigm and work smarter, not harder.  This information gives me tools to be successful and I really appreciate your sharing it with me.  I work with programs outside of the ER and have applied everything you have taught  to my current projects.  I love the processes and I am see immediate results from using some of the simple steps given in the class.  They actually released a lot of stress.  So, Thank you for the gift that keeps on giving.  I am excited about the New Year. "


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How much easier and efficient would your organization's projects be when your project teams have the skills to truly understand how projects are effectively managed?

  Give them the skills they need and see projects become the rewarding endeavors and money makers they're suppose to be!!

PM Accelerated Learning Service’s Project Management Essentials Workshop


Program Objectives

·      To promote a more disciplined and standardized approach to project management that is in alignment with PMI standards.

·      Provide a high level understanding of the complexity and disciplines of project management.


Expected Benefits

·      Increased knowledge, improved skills and greater efficiency in completing projects through a sound project management methodology.


Program Components (1 Day Program)


Project Initiating

·      Selecting the project

o   Cost Benefit Analysis

·      Project Charter

o   Purpose of the Project Charter

o   Contents of the Charter

·      Identifying and Analyzing Project Stakeholders

Project Manager and Project Team Roles


Project Planning

·      Defining the project scope

·      Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

·      Determining activity durations

·      Developing a schedule

·      Determining a realistic project budget

·      Planning Communication

·      Planning Quality

·      Creating a change management system

·      Plan, Identify, Analyze, Plan Responses and Control Risk


·      Creating deliverables

·      Obtaining user status

·      Locate and manage changes during Execution

·      Quality Assurance

·      Acquire, develop and manage the project team

·      Communicate project information to Stakeholders

·      Quality assurance and control

Monitoring and Controlling the Project

·      Measure and compare estimates to actual performance

·      Discuss the purpose and method to gather, analyze and convey project information

·      Using Earned Value Calculations to determine key project metrics for the budget and schedule

·      Controlling Quality

·      Finding and Controlling changes

·      Managing stakeholder expectations


·      How to formally and efficiently close projects through the use of a “punch-list” and other techniques

·      Final lessons-learned meeting and archiving information


​Project Management Essentials 1 Day Program!