Accelerated Project Management Training

   PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC

PMP Exam Prep Program.

Led by Scott Hamilton, PMP 

We believe in the use of visuals to teach and uses a presentation deck with over 200 pictures to help convey our message. 

Our instructional method.

The class is designed to help students understand and retain PMI's methodology for managing projects.

The PMBOK, while marvelous as a reference guide, is not a text to be read cover to cover.

This is why we provide students with a workbook based on the PMBOK with all the key information to be able to pass the exam.  The narrative in PMstudy's text is simple to understand and removes the PMBOK rhetoric.  Scott, your instructor, then takes you on a guided tour of the workbook with stories, analogies, funny memory tricks and valuable exam tips focused on two goals; passing the exam and understanding how PMI's method makes sense.  You'll see that following this method will either mitigate or avoid the majority of problems the project managers and the project team run into during execution.

The course goes through the information you see on the left here and finishes each chapter with an exam and quizzes so you'll know just what you know and what you have to work on to pass the exam or simply retain the information. 

Most importantly, our faculty are with you for the beginning of your enrollment with no end to his support.  We are devoted to what he refers to as "a partnership in getting the PMP" and works effectively and intelligently to get you there.  

Lastly note that review is built into the classroom experience.  Your role in class is to be engaged, be in it to win it, discover your strengths and weaknesses and have a lot of fun too!

The below Figure illustrates the process flow We adheres to for each PMBOK™ chapter.

PM Accelerated Learning Services Classroom Course Outline: PMP® Exam Prep, Material by PMstudy

Based on PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition

1.   Introduction

§  About PMI and PMP exam

§  Exam‐Taking Tips

§  PMstudy Course Overview

§  PMstudy Process Chart

2.   Project Management Framework

§  What is a project?

§  Project Stakeholders

§  Organizational Structure

§  Product Life Cycle, Project Life Cycle, Project Management Life Cycle

3.   Project Integration Management

§  Overview of Project Integration

§  Develop Project Charter

§  Develop Project Management Plan

§  Direct and Manage Project Work

§  Monitor and Control Project Work

§  Perform Integrated Change Control

§  Close Project or Phase

4.   Project Scope Management

§  Overview of Project Scope Management

§  Plan Scope Management

§  Collect Requirements

§  Define Scope

§  Create WBS

§  Validate Scope

§  Control Scope

5.   Project Time Management

§  Overview of Project Time Management

§  Plan Schedule Management

§  Define Activities

§  Sequence Activities

§  Estimate Activity Resources

§  Estimating Activity Durations

§  Develop Schedule

§  Control Schedule

6.   Project Cost Management

§  Overview of Project Cost Management

§  Plan Cost Management

§  Estimate Costs

§  Determine Budget

§  Control Costs


7.   Project Quality Management

§  Overview of Project Quality Management

§  Plan Quality Management

§  Perform Quality Assurance

§  Control Quality

8.   Project Human Resource Management

§  Overview of Project Human Resource Management

§  Plan HR Management

§  Acquire Project Team

§  Develop Project Team

§  Manage Project Team

9. Project Communication Management

§  Overview of Project Communication Management

§  Plan Communications Management

§  Manage Communications

§  Control Communications

10. Project Risk Management

§  Overview of Project Risk Management

§  Plan Risk Management

§  Identify Risks

§  Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

§  Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

§  Plan Risk Responses

§  Control Risks

11. Project Procurement Management

§  Overview of Project Procurement Management

§  Plan Procurement Management

§  Conduct Procurements

§  Control Procurements

§  Close Procurements

12. Project Stakeholder Management

§  Overview of Project Stakeholder Management

§  Identify Stakeholders

§  Plan Stakeholder Management

§  Manage Stakeholder Engagement

§  Control Stakeholder Engagement

13. Professional Responsibility

§  Professional Responsibility

14.  Review & Final Evaluation Test

§  Instructor leads class through an interactive review of the entire program

§  Final Test Questions  (confirm knowledge of material and readiness for the PMP exam)

§  End of Course Questions/Next Steps/How to study