PMP Exam Observations

Accelerated Project Management Training

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Below are observations from our students who completed and passed their PMP exam.

Observations:  August 20th, 2018

  • Very little calculations  1, maybe 2 questions that required math
  • 2 critical path questions.  1 of them already had activities mapped out, 1 I had to map out the activities
  • A large majority of questions were a narrative of what happened on a project……..followed by what should the PM do next, what documents can be updated. 
  • No questions asked for the “except” answer or which of the follow does not (i.e.-. All of the following “EXCEPT”……..)
  • I selected answers that favored collaboration

Observations:  August 17th, 2018

  • 3 questions on calculations
  • About 30 questions on the definitions, tools, processes. 
  • As you stated in class, most of the questions were situational and your tips in class on these really helped!  

Observations:  August 28th, 2018

  • I recall seeing a lot of questions geared around stakeholders and what the PM should do first after an issue arises. Maybe 3-4 questions with formulas, not a whole lot on those. It took me about 3.5hrs to get to question 200. I had a few unanswered questions that I went back and filled in. I did mark about 25 questions, but I decided not to go back and change my answer. Overall, it was a difficult 4hrs but well worth it! 

May 14th, 2018

  • There were no long questions (i.e. with a lot of situational preambles) at all; all were medium and short
  • There were no "which of the following is incorrect" type questions
  • Very many questions seemed to have two answers that were easily dismissible, leaving two that both seemed initially plausible
  • Many questions on change management.  A lot on deciding the submit a change request or to analyze the impact of the change first
  • The math problems were very simplistic

August 6th, 2018

  • Majority of the question were scenario based that ended with “What would project manager do next” or “what tool/process could/should the project manager use to prevent XXXX.”
  • I don’t recall any questions asking for definitions. More processes, understanding concepts and sequencing of knowledge areas.
  • Only 4 question that required a calculation.
  • 2-3 more questions involving CPI, SPI, BAC, EAC which requires understanding
  • 5-10 on close
  • A question or two on each: root cause, Ishikawa, affinity, histogram, simulations, etc.
  • 1 Critical path calculation with total float
  • lots on Control and Change control
  • lots on Quality and verify deliverables, (late deliverables, denied, accepted) & processes to correct.
  • couple questions on Project Charter “High Level”
  • Risk, risk strategies, mitigation, response plans,
  • Procurement and when each one is best to be used in certain situations.

April  25th, 2018

  • 75-80% were situational/critical thinking questions related to change management/risk/quality. Ie someone requests a change, what do you do. 
  • Only 2-3 math questions requiring calculations 
  • Less than 10 “easy win” questions related to processes/roles