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By enrolling and remitting payment for our PMP Exam Prep Instructor led programs, students accept the terms and conditions of our Money Back Guarantee

Money-back Guarantee by PM Accelerated Learning for their PMP Exam Prep Instructor Led Programs whether attended in person or virtually via an online format.

The quality of our study material and the course methodology give us the confidence to assure you of success in the PMP certification exam.

Please note the following to avail our 100% money back guarantee:

Applicable only to instructor led programs
The Money back guarantee is applicable only to PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC instructor led PMP Exam Preparation courses. This course will be referred to in this guarantee as "PMP Live Prep Course".

PMP is not an easy exams; it requires 100% commitment and systematic preparation

Must attempt and fail the exam 3 times within 6 months for the refund to be approved and paid out.

You must attempt the PMP exam all three times within 6 months from the last day of your "PMP Live Prep Course" for the guarantee to remain valid.  A copy of the print out of your 3 failed attempts is required from the Prometric testing center in order to be eligible for the refund   

It is unlikely that you will fail to clear the exam, however, if you are unable to pass the PMP exam after 3 attempts within 6 months of the last day of your "PMP Live Prep Course".  PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC will be refund the customer the paid course fee for the "PMP Live Prep Course" after we receive the scanned copies of all three PMI exam report cards and we determine their validity. These report cards help us verify your result. You can send them as email attachments to  Application for the refund must be submitted to PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC no later than 30 days from 3rd failed attempt of the PMP exam.  Any application sent after the 30 days will not be accepted and the guarantee is voided. There are absolutely no exceptions to our money back guarantee terms and conditions.

This guarantee is voided if the student does not complete their 3 attempts of the "PMP Live Prep Course" within 6 months of the last day of the PMP Exam Prep program they attended.  No exceptions.  No refund will be awarded should the student successfully pass their PMP exam on any of their attempts.

Please allow 45 days for PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC to make this refund.

Limitation of Liability: 

In case of any disputes or perceived failure to provide service as agreed, PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC will only be liable for the amount paid by the student towards the course enrollment fee up to $1999.00. PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC will not be liable for lost wages and any other incidental costs that a student may have incurred. The total value of reimbursement provided to a student by PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC will not, under any circumstances, exceed the amount that the student has paid to PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC for the PMP prep course they attended.  

Information about your enrollment may be provided to co-workers in your company who may ask for reference about our course.

When you enroll in a PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC course and pass the PMP®/CAPM® Exam, your name will be added to the success list of PMP/CAPM students using PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC.

PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC, will not distribute your personal information to any Fourth party marketing database or disclose the personal details to anyone EXCEPT on a case to case basis after proper verification of the person requesting for the information or in case of legal requirements. Your personal information could be used for informing you regarding other courses being provided by PM Accelerated Learning Services, LLC

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